We love our dog. Like, really love our dog. In fact, obsessed is an understatement. And because we love her, we want to give her the best of everything, including accessories. After hours of online shopping and just not finding those perfect items that combined style with function, we decided we could do better. With that mission in mind, Bumble + Hound was born.

We offer luxury, high quality accessories for dogs (and dog lovers!), made from a curated collection of fabrics and prints which change seasonally. Our ombré rope leashes are hand dyed and one of a kind, made from super soft but super strong cotton. Our vegan grooming supplies are all natural and cruelty free. We also know that accessories need to be practical and durable as well as stylish, so our products are also machine washable and made to last for years.

Because we love all dogs, we donate 20% of our sales back to the community to help rescue organizations care for dogs in need. We really love our dog, and we really love your dogs, too.